Qatar Adopts New Measures For Discharging COVID-19 Patients

May 31, 2020

Qatar recently adopted new measures when dealing with asymptomatic COVID-19 patients. Previously, COVID-19 patients would remain in isolation and would not be discharged until they had two negative PCR test results. However, a negative test result could take several weeks for some people as the body continues to show traces of the virus even after the patient has recovered. Under the new policy most patients diagnosed with COVID-19 will be discharged from healthcare facilities fourteen days after their first positive swab allowing them to return home and resume their lives faster than under the previous policy. Based on medical evidence from the UK, USA, and Germany it appears that COVID-19 patients are not contagious after approximately 10 days from testing positive. However, as an extra precaution Qatar has decided to increase the quarantine period to two weeks. This new policy applies to those patients who do not require additional medical assistance, and certain other excepted groups.

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