Ministry Of Labour Announces New E-Services

June 28, 2022

The Ministry of Labour (“MoL”) recently announced the introduction of four new automated digital services as part of its initiative to support paper-less processing and enhance the user experience. The new services will automatically process requests for temporary work visas, requests to add government contracts to the establishment registry, labour recruitment requests for governmental and semi-governmental institutions, and labour recruitment requests for Qatar Financial Centre companies. Previously, these requests could only be processed manually using paper forms.

The temporary visa service permits any company or establishment to submit an online application to the MoL to issue a temporary work visa for employees to work in Qatar. Similarly, the online labour recruitment approval for recruitment requests allows qualifying entities to recruit and employ workers from outside of the country.  

Recruitment requests from governmental and semi-governmental agencies will be approved automatically if the request meets the approval requirements, replacing the previous six-step process with a single process.

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