Registration of multiple lease contracts in one certificate allowed

May 31, 2019

Companies and individuals are now permitted to register multiple lease agreements online under a single certificate according to the updated terms and conditions regarding lease agreement registration published by the Qatar e-Government Portal – Hukoomi. There will also be a 2 month grace period for registration of lease agreements.

Applicants seeking to register lease agreements will have the option to add more than one building or housing unit to the same certificate. If the lease is not registered within the two month grace period (which begins on the date of concluding the lease agreement) a memo will be issued, followed by a report that will be referred to the police in order to take action against those violating the provisions of Law No. 4 of 2008.

A registration fee of 0.5 percent applies based on the annual rental value for each residential, commercial or any other unit specified for the property building license, with a minimum of QR250 and a maximum of QR2,500.

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