New Practice Guidance Issued At The Qatar International Court and Dispute Resolution Centre

May 29, 2023

The Qatar International Court and Dispute Resolution Centre (“QICDRC”) recently issued several new practice guidance documents (“Guidance”) for parties appearing before the International Court of the Qatar Financial Centre (“Court”). The Guidance outlines important procedural directions for litigants and their legal representatives pursuing claims before the Court.

The Guidance addresses several key procedural matters, including in relation to appeals, witness evidence, skeleton arguments, e-bundling, disclosure, chronologies dramatis personae. The QICDRC also issued standard directions as part of the Guidance, giving parties clarity on the procedures of the Court.

The Guidance is available in English and Arabic on the QICDRC website and has been issued in accordance with the QICDRC’s efforts to upgrade its judicial services to ensure prompt justice and the effective and timely settlement of disputes.   

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