Non-Qatari ownership of property permitted

Oct 26, 2020

Residents and non-residents now are permitted to own units in residential complexes and shops within malls

By: Michael Earley, Senior Associate

The Ministry of Justice (“MoJ”) in Qatar recently announced that Qatari and non-Qatari citizens, and residents and non-residents will have the right to own units in residential complexes and shops in malls. Where the value of the property owned is worth no less than QR 730,000 ($200,000), the owners (and their families) are eligible for residency for the duration of their ownership. A system will be introduced by the MoJ and Ministry of Interior that will permit owners to obtain residency as soon as the property purchase is complete.  

Owners of property worth QR3,650,000 ($1 million) or more will get the same benefits as permanent residents with respect to healthcare, education, and certain commercial activities.

In accordance with a cabinet resolution, there are now 9 areas in which property ownership by non-Qataris is permitted, and 16 areas where non-Qataris may have a usufruct.

The MOJ will process all non-Qatari property transactions.

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