Occupational Safety and Health Policy Issued In Qatar

Oct 26, 2020

By: Michael Earley, Senior Associate

A new Occupational Safety and Health Policy (“Policy”) has been issued by the Qatar Ministry of Administrative Development Labor & Social Affairs (“MADLSA”) in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Health (“MoPH”). Numerous international conventions were considered in formulating the Policy which seeks to align to international standards the occupational safety and health standards in Qatar. The Policy applies to all employers and employees in all sectors of the country regardless of the nature of the employment.

The Policy sets out numerous principles, including a focus on prevention by raising public awareness and continually monitoring the effectiveness of the Policy. Additionally, the Policy introduces new competencies for the MADLSA including the authority to review and revise existing legislation, to collect information relating to occupational injuries and health, and to conduct investigations into accidents and other workplace incidents.

The MoPH has also been granted certain responsibilities including promoting healthy work environments, providing workers with extensive healthcare services including physiotherapy and mental health assistance, and disseminating occupational safety information to workers.  

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