Overview of the Rental Dispute Committee

Applications submitted by a lessee to the Committee or to the judicial authorities are as a general matter not considered unless the lease is registered with the Real Estate Lease Registration Office, with the exception of the applications submitted in proof of tenancies entered into before 15/12/2008.

Decrees issued by the Committee have the power of deeds of execution as set forth in Article 362 of the Law on Civil and Commercial Procedure.

Forced execution is permissible only upon the issue of a deed of execution in attainment of an existing right of specific value and which has immediate effect.

However, there are disputes that are exempt from the Committee’s jurisdiction such as public property and agricultural lands.

The lessor can request forceful vacation of the premises in cases where the lessee fails to pay the rent on its due date or if the lessee sub-lets or assigns the leased premises without permission from the lessor.

The Committee’s may generally be appealed within fifteen days.

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