Qatar contemplates introducing artificial intelligence in its judicial and legal systems

September 28, 2023

In his keynote speech at Lusail University’s Law and Artificial Intelligence Conference, the Minister of Justice said that the State of Qatar is contemplating to introduce artificial intelligence in its judicial and legal systems.

The Minister said that the first step taken by State in this regard is the establishment of the Artificial Intelligence Committee in the Ministry of Transport and Communications by virtue of the Cabinet of Ministers’ Decision No. 10 of 2021. The AI Committee is entrusted with developing and implementing the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy in the State.

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The Qatar Central Bank (“QCB”) announced amendments to the real estate financing (mortgage) regulations, including setting out the maximum loan-to-value (“LTV”) ratios and tenures for mortgages within the State of Qatar, which will be applied to Qatari banks and subsidiaries within the country. Branches and subsidiaries of Qatari banks outside the State of Qatar will continue to comply with the host country’s regulatory authorities as long as the collaterals and financed properties are outside of Qatar.

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