The Qatar Communications Regulatory Authority Amends Two Class Licenses

July 27, 2022

The Qatar Communications Regulatory Authority (“CRA”) recently published amended versions of two class licenses: the “Class Licence for the Resale of Retail Telecommunications Services” and the “Class Licence to Own and/or Operate a Private Telecommunications Network”.

The Telecommunications Law (Law No. 34 of 2006), which was amended in 2017, requires entities reselling retail telecommunication services, or owning/operating a private telecommunications network, to first obtain a license. Once the license is issued, the licensee must comply with the terms of the license, the Telecommunication Law, and the associated telecommunications regulatory regime.

Reselling retail telecommunications services is a common practice, particularly with internet cafes and hotels. Any telecommunications resale services must be performed in accordance with the related and amended Class Licence. Failure to comply with the terms of the license could expose resellers to criminal sanctions under the Telecommunication Law.

Private telecommunications networks are crucial in ensuring reliable and secure communications within both private and public entities. Again, the owners and operators of private telecommunications network must be licensed and comply with the terms set out therein.

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