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Rules Regarding Residency, Family Visits Updated in Qatar

The Qatar Ministry of Interior updated the regulations and procedures for the entrance of a resident’s family for the purposes of visiting and residing in the country.

For the government and semi-government sectors, employees must live in family housing supplied through their employer or maintain a salary not less than QR 10,000, verified by an employment contract. Private sector employees should belong to a technical or specialised field of employment (i.e. non-labour), with a salary not less than QR 10,000, or QR 6,000 along with family housing verified in the employment contract.

Additionally, in the case of family sponsorship, children should not exceed 25 years of age, and daughters must be unmarried. It is also mandatory to provide health insurance covering the entire duration of their stay, effective from their date of entry.

Children within the mandatory education age bracket (6-18 years old) must be enrolled in licensed schools within the country or provide evidence of their educational enrolment outside the country through an educational platform supervised by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. This requirement is essential to issuing or renewing the child’s residence permit.

For family visits, the sponsoring resident’s profession must belong to a non-labour sector, with a salary not less than QR 5,000. They also should have family housing accredited by the relevant authorities. Any family visitors should be a relative within the permissible degrees of relation to the sponsoring resident. There is no specific age restriction on family visitors, but they must be covered by health insurance for the duration of their stay in Qatar.

To ensure public convenience and ease, the General Directorate of Passports offers all its services electronically through the Metrash2 app and the Ministry of Interior’s official website.