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Steady economic growth over the last two decades has meant that Qatar needed to reinvent its close-knit financial sector for seamless integration with international financial markets as they evolve into a new digital age.

The country’s response to the challenge has been timely and apt: Reforms in the regulatory infrastructure including upgradation of the regulatory regime, and introduction of sophisticated financial institutions. In 2005, Qatar launched the Qatar Financial Centre (“QFC”), a state-of-the-art business hub, and in the same year, constituted the Qatar Financial Markets Authority (“QFMA”), a modern securities and capital markets regulator. The banking, finance and insurance sectors are now under the regulatory ambit of the Qatar Central Bank (“QCB”) synchronised with the QFMA and the QFC through a Financial Stability and Risk Control Committee.

In this dynamic regulatory environment, Sultan Al-Abdulla & Partners has been quick to adapt its Banking & Finance practice to the changing needs of the industry. Our lawyers bring to the table, specialised financial knowledge, and are instructed routinely on big-ticket transactions including IPOs, private placements, aircraft and vessel financings, debt restructurings and private-equity projects. Also, we act as Qatar legal counsel in local and international bank financings and render formal legal opinions, as both lenders’ and borrower’s counsel, on the structuring of security over local assets in secured and structured financings.

With its regional roots, the firm’s expertise extends to both conventional and Sharia’ah-compliant financial structures. Our lawyers are equally at home helping to close either category of deals. The banking and finance team is well-versed with all of the traditional Islamic financial structures including Murabahah (cost plus), Mudharabah (profit and loss sharing), Ijara (leasing), Tawarruq (purchase and sale), Wakala (agency/authority), Wadiah (safekeeping) and Musharakah (joint venture partnership).

As a premier financial services law firm, Sultan Al-Abdulla & Partners boasts a diverse clientele consisting of a variety of local and global financial institutions, banks, investment houses, tech-companies and multinational corporations. We are able to offer a wide range of financial services with tailor-made solutions, and can navigate with ease Qatar’s multifaceted legal and financial landscape. Our offering in the banking & finance sector covers the following:

  • Capital Markets and Listings
  • Financial Due-Diligence
  • Liquidations
  • Private Equity Projects
  • Project Finance
  • Sale and Lease Back Arrangements
  • Securities Regulations
  • Sharia’ah Compliant Financings

The firm’s litigation team, with rights of audience before all levels of courts and tribunals, complements the services of the transactions group with its unique insights on all contentious aspects of financing and security documentation.

Key People

Mohamed Fouad

Managing Associate

Omar Qouteshat

Senior Associate

Ribal Fattal

Senior Associate