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Ministry Of Labour Announces Updates To E-contract System

The Qatar Ministry of Labour (“MoL”) recently announced several updates to the electronic employment contract (“E-contract”) system. These updates relate to the authentication services offered on the E-contract system.

The E-contract authentication service allows employers to submit proposed employment terms through the employer portal on the system which can then be reviewed by a prospective employee (through the employee portal) and approved or rejected using the platform. If the E-contract is agreed by the parties, the system then allows both the employer and employee to print the final agreed contract. The E-contract is produced in Arabic and the employee’s language, with 11 different languages from which to choose.

After both parties sign the physical employment contract, it is uploaded to the system along with any additional documents that might be required based on the contract type. An automatic contract audit is then initiated to verify the information in the contract and on the system. Once verified, the employer is then directed to settle any fees online. After payment has been made, digitally certified copies of the E-contract are accessible by the employee and the employer.

The E-contract system greatly increases efficiency by automating the employment process without the need to travel to MoL service centres.