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Ministry of Labour Opens Representative Office in the Qatar Financial Centre

The Ministry of Labour (“MoL”) announced the opening of its representative office in the Qatar Financial Centre (“QFC”). The MoL’s representative office will provide a wide range of services, including those related to managing work permits, amending work visa approvals, issuing work permits, changing the employer and reducing the notice period when changing the employer.

According to the MoL, its strategy is twofold: (i) to improve labour-related services through the digital transformation of those services so that there is no need to visit the MoL physically; and (ii) to improve the level of services offered in external offices and government complex centres to support residents who may not be able to access the digital services. 

The opening of the MoL representative office reflects the efforts of the QFC to attract local and foreign investments, and support opportunities for business success by providing all the facilities and services necessary to enhance the competitiveness of the business environment in Qatar. It also aligns with the Qatari government’s desire to digitally transform the services offered by its various bodies, thereby increasing efficiency.