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Qatar Launches The National Digital Agenda

As part of the country’s continuing strides as a regional technology hub by developing its digital infrastructure, the Qatar Ministry of Communications and Information and Technology (“MCIT”) recently launched the National Digital Agenda (“NDA”) 2030. The NDA is intended to act as a guide to the continuing development of the country’s digital economy by building on Qatar’s technological evolution, sustainability, and economic diversification efforts.

To achieve these goals, the NDA will raise professional staff competencies in the ICT sector by 10% by facilitating the development of advanced skills, potentially creating economic advantages that could potential generate nearly QR 40 billion by 2030. The implementation plan is comprised of multiple strategic programmes.

The NDA is built around six strategic pillars, including digital infrastructure, digital government, digital innovation, digital technology, digital economy and the digital society. These key pillars will ensure Qatar’s ongoing digital evolution and lend to its digital competitiveness, which has already seen significant development through the widespread adoption of artificial intelligence throughout the public sector, and the implementation of a cutting-edge information technology infrastructure.