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New Single Window Services Announced

The government of Qatar has introduced a new set of services available through the Single Window Platform from June 18, 2023. The new services simplify the company registration process and eliminate the need for investors to visit ministry websites or appear in person to complete registration processes. These enhancements support the government’s efforts to create a more supportive and dynamic regulatory environment attracting local and foreign investments by simplifying business and administrative procedures.

The new services will streamline issuing commercial registrations by automating processes and reducing regulatory requirements. Company computer cards and labour approvals will also be issued automatically in coordination with the Ministry of Labour. Using the new services, businesses should be able to obtain their commercial registration and begin operating within a single day.

Investors will also be able to open bank accounts following the commercial registration process and signing the articles of association provided they also adhere to banks’ respective regulatory requirements. Through a collaboration between the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Metrash 2 application will display work permit approvals, which can be obtained during the establishment phase.