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Qatar Continues Leading Widespread Adoption Of AI Technology

Qatar’s widespread adoption of AI in government services over the past several years has positioned it as a leader in AI adoption both regionally and globally.  

Ministry of Labour Adopts AI Technology

Continuing this trend, the Ministry of Labour (“MoL”) announced that it will utilise AI to develop and streamline its services. By adopting AI technology, the MoL aims to revitalise the management of the labour sector, refine its operations, and increase customer satisfaction.

The MoL’s transition to digitisation aligns with Qatar’s National Development Strategy, and includes initiatives to move toward cloud technology, utilise AI, and implement general digital transformations. These initiatives are led by the Transformation Management Office, which is committed to introducing innovative solutions through the use of technology, including AI. The strategy to incorporate AI is scheduled to begin in 2024.

Qatari Diar Introduces AI-powered Call Centre

Similarly, Qatari Diar announced the introduction of an AI-powered call centre in Lusail City. The move is designed to enhance customer service and satisfaction. other. The new call centre will provide immediate assistance and accurate information to customers, thereby increasing the value of the customer service experience, and increasing productivity. The introduction of the call centre is seen as an important step toward digitising the local real estate industry.