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Mandatory Health Insurance For Visitors To Qatar Begins

Qatar’s Ministry of Public Health (“MoPH”) announced that beginning on February 1, 2023, all visitors to Qatar will be required to purchase a health insurance policy through a MoPH-registered insurance company in accordance with Law No. 22 of 2021 Regulating Healthcare Services in Qatar (“Health Insurance Law”). Requiring visitors to purchase a health insurance policy marks the implementation of the first phase of the Health Insurance Law.

According to the MoPH, the health insurance policy will cost QR50 per month, covering only emergency and accident incidents. Visitors may also purchase additional services and/or coverage for additional fees. Having a health insurance policy in place will be a prerequisite to granting visit visas. If visitors already have a health insurance policy in place, they must ensure that the policy includes coverage in Qatar, that it covers their entire stay in the country, and that it has been issued by an insurance company approved in Qatar.