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The Qatar Social Insurance Law Goes Into Effect

The General Retirement and Social Insurance Authority (“GRSIA”) confirmed the beginning of the implementation of Law No. 1 of 2022, promulgating the Social Insurance Law (“Social Insurance Law”).

The Social Insurance Law expands insurance coverage to include all Qatari citizens working in the private sector, and adds an employee’s housing allowance to the overall salary calculation of benefits. Now, that calculation comprises the basic salary plus the social allowance (contribution) plus the housing allowance. By October 2022, the GRSIA had coordinated with all registered employers to submit their employees’ housing allowance values through the digital portal on the GRSIA’s website as a trial phase.

The Social Insurance Law also sets a new minimum pension for insured citizens at QR 15,000 in three circumstances: death, disability, and reaching the age of retirement.

Pursuant to the Social Insurance Law, all employers that are subject to its provisions may now update and register their employees’ data and information, and receive inquiries and requests from the insured regarding the law through the digital services portal of the employers using the GRSIA’s website.