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New Tourism Licensing Initiative Launched In Qatar

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (“MoCI”) and Qatar Tourism (“QT”) have announced a new initiative to facilitate licensing procedures for tourism businesses and establishments. The initiative covers tourism-related promotions such as seasonal discounts, festival-specific discounts, loyalty customer discounts, promotional offers, and special deals. By streamlining and expediting the licensing process for promotions, the initiative should minimise the challenges faced when applying for such licenses, thereby stimulating the tourism sector.

Under the initiative, a single-fee annual license may be obtained that covers all offers and discounts promoted by hotels and other establishments. Visa Qatar, part of QT, will be responsible for processing applications for the single license. A license could be issued in as little as one business day, provided all licensing terms and conditions are satisfied.

The initiative is part of the MoCI’s efforts to develop Qatar’s business environment and protect businesses’ interests by maintaining high licensing standards in the tourism sector.