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Qatar Issues New Real Estate Registration Law

As part of the government’s commitment to the Qatar National Vision 2030, a new real estate registration law (Law No. 5 of 2024) (“New Real Estate Registration Law”) has been issued which aims to improve citizens’ access to real estate services, and introduces electronic registration.

The New Real Estate Registration Law is the first of its kind since Law No. 14 of 1964 and is focused on enhancing real estate registration services. The new legislation is part of the drive to align laws and regulations with the modernisation goals of the Qatar National Vision 2030. Comprised of 55 articles, the New Real Estate Registration Law includes comprehensive and substantive amendments to improve the real estate services provided to the public.

The services affected include real estate registration, record-keeping, document generation, real estate registration indices updating, processing applications submitted by interested parties for the registration of unregistered properties, objection processing, adjudication of ownership rights of unregistered properties and those expropriated for public benefit, setting out the procedures for updating real estate registry data, and others.

According to the new legislation, digital copies, procedures, requests, and transactions conducted electronically will have the same legal validity as paper originals.