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The National Cyber Security Agency Launches Guidelines for Safe Artificial Intelligence Use

Qatar’s National Cyber Security Agency (“NCSA”) has launched guidelines for the secure adoption and usage of artificial intelligence (“AI”), and addresses ways to mitigate its potential negative impacts (“Guidelines”).

The Guidelines are in bilingual (English and Arabic) book format prepared by specialists within the NCSA. They were designed to encourage all parties to safely use artificial intelligence, innovation and creativity.

Following the best practices contained in the Guidelines, organisations can adopt and implement AI technology within existing or completely new systems. Organisations may use their discretion in choosing practices and controls that best suit their environment.

According to the NCSA, the team of specialists extensively researched AI challenges and developed the comprehensive Guidelines with a view toward providing AI solutions for everyone. The NCSA is also seeking to facilitate dialogue, foster inclusivity and provide a platform for exchanging experiences and insights on the secure utilisation of AI.